Trails of Middle Earth

Ya’ll, I seriously don’t even know where to begin with our day. So let’s start at the very beginning. We waited for this specific tour for seven months. We’ve done a bit of exploring the filming locations on our own and we did the tour the other day, but today, today filled up our nerd tank. No, it overflowed the nerd tank. For real, our geeky cups runneth over.  Today was our Trails of Middle Earth tour day. Check out our vehicle! I mean if that doesn’t get you pumped then I don’t know what to tell you.


After we hopped in and gathered the rest of our fellowship we headed off to on of the five rivers used as the River Anduin. This particular part is where the Fellowship sees the Argonath in Nen Hithoel. It’s a beautiful jewel tone blue river also home to the first commercial binge jump in the world.


The first ever commercial bungy jump. We watched a few people take the leap. One word: NO!

From there we headed to The Gladden Fields. This was the site where Isildur was attacked by Orcs. IMG_3473IMG_3474IMG_3477IMG_3476

From there we headed to The Ford of Bruinen where Arwen faced the Nazgul and called for the river to protect her and Frodo.



After that was a lunch break at a fantastic restaurant, I’m going to do a post about all the food, it really does need its own post.

After lunch we headed to a filming location Brandon was beyond excited for, Ithilien. If you aren’t familiar with the name you would know it as the scene where Sam and Frodo are cooking the coneys and then see the Oliphants and the Rangers ambush the Haradrim.



After this exciting bit we walked up to where Sam and Frodo got kid napped by the Merkwood Rangers.



Then came the best part. WEAPONS!  Here the pictures can speak for themselves. It was amazing.



That’s all. It was an insanely incredible day and we had such a great time.


We Found Paradise

After a morning of relaxing in the camper we headed off to our Ride of the Rings tour. A short bus trip along Lake Wakatipu provided beautiful scenery to prepare us for our most excellent adventure. IMG_3359IMG_3360

As we twisted and turned along the mountainside road towards our destination we were greeted with spectacular views of The Remarkables, quaint towns, and sheep as far as the eye could see.

Once we reached Glenorchy we were shuttled to the stables to get fitted with boots, helmets, and dusters. Then off we went to the paddocks to meet our horses. We all got a horse that seemed fitting for our personality. Mine was laid back and liked to eat. Caleb’s was chill. Brandon got the grumpy one (HAHAHA!) And Aidan’s was older and chill. He also had a special horse. His was one used in Lord of the Rings. He was excited to have a horse from the movies. We also saw Prince Caspian’s horse from The Chronicles of Narnia.

After our horse ride we hopped in the 4WD Land Rover and headed out to Paradise.  IMG_3446img_3447

We road through the Dart Valley along the Dart River taking in views from Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Then headed to the forest where they shot many scenes from Lord of the Rings. We got to sit in the Hobbit chair.  See the tree used as Treebeard, walk the paths of Frodo, Sam, Merri, and Pippin, and see where Uruk-hai battled it out and so much more.


All in all it was an exciting day visiting places from some of our favorite movies. I have more pictures and will update when we return home to Okinawa.