An Antarctic Adventure


Our day started with our Edoras Tour being cancelled due to weather on Mt Sunday. So, we hopped into action with our Plan B the International Antarctic Centre.

They have a free shuttle that runs from the Canterbury Museum.  Off we went for a walk across town to catch our Penguin topped chariot (not kidding there were penguins on it ya’ll, check out the picture.) We arrived a bit early so we spent some time walking through the Botanical Gardens (more on that later) and just enjoying the nice sunny, yet cool day.

The penguin shuttle awaits to take us on a chilly adventure to the bottom of the world.

Upon arrival we were met with warm smiles to carry us through our adventure, which we would need to survive the storm we were about to endure. With our map and tickets in hand our day planned out we went to the Antarctic Storm room. That’s exactly what that sounds like, a room that simulates a storm and temperatures in Antarctica  let’s discuss what -18°C feels like, DANG COLD! That’s what!  Like freezing your tail end off, and my husband was in there with shorts (SHORTS for goodness sake!) on, and someone took his picture. I didn’t but some random stranger has a picture of him so I’m sure it will end up on FB with a caption like, “look at this crazy dude we saw in the Antarctic Snow room. He’s crazytown!”


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I digress, back to the adventure, next was my favorite part of the day, the Hägglund Ride. What’s a Hägglund you ask, I’m glad you did, it’s pretty much the coolest vehicle ever. Here check out the stats on this bad boy:

Our carriage awaits.
This is an insanely awesome vehicle.

See it’s pretty much the coolest, most badass off road vehicle on the face of the planet. They have a whole course set up with hills, logs, tires, a meter wide “crevasse”, steep inclines, and water. We did it all,  it handles perfectly, and I want one.

The rest of our day was filled with 4D movies, Blue Penguins, trying on the gear, and learning all about the frozen continent.

We were sad that our original plan got cancelled but I’m glad we got to experience what Antarctica is like to work and live there.  Here’s just a few pictures from our day.  Enjoy!



The adventure continues tomorrow…


10 Days and a Playlist

I can’t believe it!  We have 10 days until we leave for New Zealand.  There are so many things that still need to be done (mostly because I procrastinate) but one of the biggest is our road trip playlist.

Ok, lets jump back to 2015 when we went home to the good ole USofA to visit family.  While home we went on a MAJOR road trip.  I’m talking 4 states and Canada kind of trip. One thing that was a little lacking was our road trip music.  I mean who doesn’t want to sing along with 80’s/90’s pop or R&B, Michael Jackson’s greatest hits, an occasional Celine or Whitney song, or rock out to some hair band metal circa 1985 and classic rock.  Well, I had most of that on my playlist but it was still lacking in true road trip music. You know the good music that the whole family can sing to and appreciate.

So here we sit 10 days out and my dear son has requested an update to the road trip playlist.  He’s not wrong.  We plan on being in our vehicle driving for 3 weeks, we need some serious tunes going on.  Now to sift through the proverbial sea of songs and put together one seriously fantastic playlist.

When you are traveling what’s on your playlist?