The Journey Begins

Welp the time has come. The bags are packed. The car is safely in the hands of our favorite parking service here in Okinawa, thanks Honest Parking for always being amazing! We’re all checked in (easiest check in EVER!) and now here we sit waiting, or sleeping if your the oldest, to board our first flight.

My oldest taking a nap while we wait.

Super exciting stuff going on, I know. I do have…

Well we boarded and took off before I could share so I’m sharing after the first leg.


10 Days and a Playlist

I can’t believe it!  We have 10 days until we leave for New Zealand.  There are so many things that still need to be done (mostly because I procrastinate) but one of the biggest is our road trip playlist.

Ok, lets jump back to 2015 when we went home to the good ole USofA to visit family.  While home we went on a MAJOR road trip.  I’m talking 4 states and Canada kind of trip. One thing that was a little lacking was our road trip music.  I mean who doesn’t want to sing along with 80’s/90’s pop or R&B, Michael Jackson’s greatest hits, an occasional Celine or Whitney song, or rock out to some hair band metal circa 1985 and classic rock.  Well, I had most of that on my playlist but it was still lacking in true road trip music. You know the good music that the whole family can sing to and appreciate.

So here we sit 10 days out and my dear son has requested an update to the road trip playlist.  He’s not wrong.  We plan on being in our vehicle driving for 3 weeks, we need some serious tunes going on.  Now to sift through the proverbial sea of songs and put together one seriously fantastic playlist.

When you are traveling what’s on your playlist?


A Day Late but the Kid Was Vomiting

Planning a trip like this takes all the resources you can get your hands on.

I was supposed to write this yesterday.  Why you ask, well that was our official six week mark until we embark on our New Zealand adventure. But life happened and my youngest woke up vomiting, always a great way to wake up, right? Wrong, no parent likes waking up to a vomiting child.

So here I am a day late but hey the youngest is much better today.  We are on countdown day 41! Yikes!  This is really happening.  We have already hit some major milestones in our planning.  Plane tickets were bought months ago.  We recently made the final payment for our camper van from

The beginning, kind of

I mean everything has a beginning, right, so this is kind of it.

I started this blog to document our upcoming trip to New Zealand, but we’ve had so many adventures and will continue to have many more. However, I may have to step back in time every once in awhile and share some of those past journeys.  Thank you for joining me as we set off on our very own “unexpected journey” to Middle Earth.