From the Shire to Rivendell

YO!  We had the coolest day ever, ok not ever, but it was pretty sick. We had another full day LOTR/Hobbit tour.  Today’s adventures would take us from The Shire to Weta Workshops to Rivendell and back.

We started with heading to the Outer Shire.

The most photographed post in the world.
Pointing the way. 


Where the Hobbits rolled down the hill. 


Hiding from the Nazgül


We had to recreate this scene. It’s the only true thing to do when you’re in that location.

From the Outer Shire we headed to Weta Cave and Weta Workshops. We watched a short documentary about Weta, how it began, how it has grown, the movies they’re working on, and past projects. They don’t allow pictures in the movie room but they had helmets from Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings on the wall. The real ones from the movies. Inside the gift shop you could take pictures of the things in there and Oh did I. Here’s just a small bit of what we saw.


Gollum is his favorite. 
Lurtz is HUGE!



After the Weta Cave we were ready for our tour of Weta Workshop. Again no pictures until the end. However, we saw some insane things! Props, vehicles (Halo, a real working Warthog seriously it’s the coolest!), miniature models, prosthetics, and so much more. We ended with meeting this guy:


From Weta we went to lunch for a Lord of the Rings themed meal (DELICIOUS!) and then off to another section used for the River Anduin, Isengard, and Farimir’s Dream sequence


Then it was off to Rivendell!  One of my favorite parts!


The archway into/out of Rivendell


The post at the beginning of the filming location


After that we headed back into Wellington.  It was a great day of touring and seeing all the great locations used in the movie. We will definitely have a deeper understanding and appreciation for the films.


Author: Tamara Chapman

I'm a wife, mother, seamstress, photographer, and have a serious case of wanderlust.

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