Just Keep Driving, Just Keep Driving

I sound like Dory don’t I. Well for good reason, driving is really the only thing the weather hasn’t completely spoilt for us. I’m not complaining, we’ve seen beautiful countryside the last few days and more farm animals than I can believe. See I wrote a song for it (To the tune of Little Mermaid)

There’s been mountains and valleys a plenty. There’s been sheep and llama galore. You want lamb I’ve seen about 2000. But who cares no big deal I want to see more. I want to see where the red deer roam. I want to see want to see them eating. Trotting along down the, what’s the word, Oh! Motorway. Planning your trip only gets you so far. Weather it seems has its own mind. You want to see want to see the glaciers, Oh! Nevermind.

Okay, I know that’s not the tune of our blue friend but another finned friend, Ariel. I kid, I kid, well kind of.

We left Queenstown on Thursday (yesterday) and headed through Crown Range which is so beautiful when you get to the top, see gorgeous.

Pano from the lookout at the top of Crown Range.

Butt getting up there is a bit hairy, see doesn’t this just look like a huge big old bit of fun.

Screen capture of our Google Maps.

After we were over the range we got into more rain. But we also saw huge waterfalls!  Brandon wanted to see some while we were here in NZ and today did not disappoint. First was Fantail Falls.

Fantail Falls

Then was Thunder Creek Falls.

Thunder Creek Falls

We also saw many along the mountain sides as we drove.


We trotted along stopping in Wanaka to stop at a book store to grab Aidan a book. He finished The Hobbit so we bought him the first Lord of the Rings book. We then kept going until we arrived in Fox Glacier Township and scheduled our helicopter flight for today to both Fox and Franz Joseph Glaciers. Then headed to dinner.

After dinner we settled into the camper for a few rounds of Rummy and bed.

This morning we woke up to thunder, lightning and rain.  We’re talking middle of a typhoon kind of wind and rain.  Needless to say our flight got cancelled so we headed out to our backup plan.

We headed on down or up in this case the West Coast along the Tasman Sea. It looks angry, so terribly angry, but beautiful at the same time as it churned and the waves crashed along the rock formations that one can only assume were once attached to the cliffs above.


After lunch the rain was just to heavy and the wind too hard to do anything so we trekked to our place of rest for the night. A pieceful little freecamping place right along the Inangahua River. Yep we are staying in a van down by the river. Dreams y’all, dreams. So off I am to play more Rummy with the fam. Night!





Author: Tamara Chapman

I'm a wife, mother, seamstress, photographer, and have a serious case of wanderlust.

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